It is always a pleasure working with Rinnku Ganeasha and Rightwaay. This is a young startup with high level of commitment, customer focus and passion. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Dr. Amrita Saxena, GM- Assessments, Learning and Development- Careernet.

Rinnku has been of great help. Always available to help in any way she can. This has made my practice with the tool improve in leaps and bounds. Rinnku is a very good guide. As a facilitator she simplified the understanding of the tool. She is always ready to help and clarify doubts.

Kavita D’Souza, Counsellor with the CIMET’s Inamdar Hospital.

Dear Rinnku ,your Workshop was loaded with highly valuable and actionable insights with regard to people management and Team building. Unlike typical sessions which tend to be more theoretical, you were able you were able to engage a highly diverse group towards high impact learning because of the interactive games and superb content. Your workshop is highly recommended for any Team or Group that is serious about improving their performance.

Varun Girilal, Partner, Mitraz Financial Services.

I would like to commend you for organizing a great team building exercise at Confident Cascade on the 6th of September 2013.It was a well -planned event, the highlight being the training imparted by you on teamwork; I personally enjoyed it a lot as you had included a lot of games to make us understand the subject matter better which made it enjoyable and left a lasting impression on us. Thank you for planning this training (which did not feel like one), and I hope we do more of these trainings.

Vishal Vazandar, Partner, Aqualeisure Lifestyles.

The best part of the day was your trainings and the line dance. One thing which I learnt and will never forget is no one is good or bad, everyone is just different. We had a gala time during your training sessions and feel that we should be having similar training sessions filled with more interactive activities quite often. Thanks a lot dear for all your effort that went into it to make our day really memorable! Good show Rinnku...(thumbsup).

Devyani Mohanty, Partner, Esdee Design & Development.

Hi Rinnku! We often find difficult to identify our own strength and weakness. Sometimes many of us don't really understand significance of this exercise. Your session on DISC was really useful. It was really a thought provoking message that " No one in this earth neither good nor bad all have their own style of behavior. Indeed it was an essential session for the team building activity. Thanks a lot Rinnku you have done your job extremely well. I wish you all the best to reach all those are in need of this assessment. Have a wonderful success. God Bless!

Manoj Kumar Devarajan, Chartered Accountant.

Team building was a great fun combined with lots of learning about the team members, getting to know them personally to some extent and also discovering lots of similarities and differences in the way people behave. It was a great learning experience and being the new member in the team it was a warm feeling to receive acceptance from all the team members. Keep it up Rinku!

Jigisha Rajguru, JR Financial Services.

When I read in books people are unique and their behavior is depends on lot of factors.I was not able to digest it and I was thinking if I can change why they can’t? But during the training I learnt why the people are so and it helps me to understand and observe the people around me. Even though as usual I get irritated by others now I am able to relate and trying to understand them and instead of assuming myself regarding their behavior as I do earlier.So I believe Rinnku you done a great job which can create an impact on people in the long run.

Anilkumar S, RM-Sales, Beninca Automation.

Dear Rinnku, let me congratulate you and your team for organizing a nice outing and team building day. I daresay that all of us enjoyed the day and also got to know better a few more of our members really well..Thank you once again to you and your team for giving us a good day.

James Goh, Country Head-CBM Primetech

Rinku’s training was awesome! She was so good at making us understand why we act so differently. It really added a lot of value to me, which is helping me to improve myself as well as understand my teams behavior.

Bharathi Raj- Director, HireMap IT Consultants