That organizations spend at least 175 days yearly on people issues!
That is 52% of the year spent on non-production issues!!!!

We offer services in these areas:

HR Outsourcing

  • Employee Paperwork: Organisations spend a lot time in preparing & maintaining employee files. Rightwaat takes care of all employee files whether it is creating a new employee file or maintaining an existing employees file with the latest confirmation, compensation, appraisal, promotion letters etc.
  • Inductions: Rightwaay helps you plan, design and execute your inductions to create a wow experience for the employee on day 1
  • Employee & Client satisfaction Surveys: We not only help you design and execute employee and client satisfaction surveys but we also help you roll them out through our surveys platform and give you a detailed analysis report which gives you valuable information based on which you can take critical decisions.
  • Payroll & Labour Compliance: We help SME's manage their payroll and compliance with the help of our consulting partners.
  • Policy formation & Contracts: We keep in touch with the latest trends in HR and help organisations design their HR policies relating to compensation, flexible work, telecommuting, recuitment contracts, NDA's etc.
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS): We understand the nature of your business and help you set up your human resource information systems
  • Employee Engagement & Retention: For any successful organisation people are the biggest assets and keeping them happy and motivated is our job. We do this through Fun@Work interventions, Surveys, Retreats, Reward & Recognition Programs etc.
  • Organizational Development: Our consultants will help you design skill competency maps, manage changes in your organisation, design & roll out performance appraisals etc, thus freeing up your internal HR members time for other strategic activities.

Corporate Training

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  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Trainer
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Stress Management
  • HR Programs-Interview Skills, Employee Engagement, Appraisals, Payroll, Compensation and Benefits
  • Customized Training on Soft Skills as requested