Behavioral Coach/Psychometric Assessor Program

Dates 24 Jan, 25 Jan 2014
Programs' Certified Extended DISC Administrator-CEDA
Location Bangalore
Venue Bangalore - View Map
Reg. Fee Rs. 15500

Event Description

You will learn about the origin of The DISC Theory and also be able to understand Preferred Brain Style Response Inventories through Behavioural Styles of People by understanding D, I, S, C Styles of Behaviour.

*Program Coverage- Certification Day 1 *

2.Back ground and History of Extended DISC
3.The 4 Quadrant Model -Sensing – Intuition Thinking – Feeling
4.Completion of the map Introduction of DISC
5.Exercises on Identification of features, strengths and weaknesses
6.Positioning different jobs in the map
-Comparing an individual and requirement of a job
7.Extended DISC Theory on Personality The Human Capacity Model
-The Layers-Assessment tools that relate to Each Layer
8.Extended DISC Diamond
-The areas in the Diamond
-The Flexibility Zones page in the report
9.Extended DISC Profiles – Brain Style Responses
-Understanding Profiles – Levels of Interpretation Reading Profile II
-Check list for reading of Profiles
10.Personal Analysis
-Page-by-page (every participant to have a paper copy)
-Report Structure
-Reading Guide
-Workbook section
11.EDOS-Opening answering accounts Ordering results manually
-Market for Assessments and Areas of Potential Application
12.Q & A

*Program Coverage- Certification Day 2 *

Develop understanding of how Peoples comfort levels in the present environment affect how people relate to each other

1.Introduction & Recap
2.Extended DISC Personal Analysis :
-Relationship Roles
-Graphical Pages – Arrows
-Individual Assessments – Pages & Interpretation
-Behavioural Style Recognition Practice Exercises
-Q & A

3.Extended DISC Profiles - Detail
-The Percentages
-Profile II and Profile I
-Reading Profile I
-Relationship between Profile II and Profile I
-Comparison of Profiles

 4.Extended DISC Profiles - Application
-Basic shapes
-Ideal Job
-How to Motivate
-Exercise – Shapes on the Diamond

5.Combination of D,I,S,C traits

6.Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis – Comparing BSRI’s of two People
i.How different types get along
ii.Profile Fit – Initial Contact
iii.Profile Fit - Relationship
iv.Work Pair Analysis Report
vii.Application Areas

7. Extended DISC Team Analysis – BSRI of Teams
-Role in a team
-Team Types
-Flexibility Zones
-Shotgun Map
-Building a Team - Exercises

-EDOS Activity on Generating a Work Pair report EDOS Activity on Generating a Team Report

9. Q&A

10.  Certification

Your Investment includes:

1.One Free Sample Assessment prior to workshop
2.Manuals, Handouts, Online Platform guide, Exercises during training
3.Free Assessments
4.1 hour of Consultation with ED Consultants within 30 days of workshop via Skype for business development or product/platform queries
5.CEDA (Certified Extended DISC Administrator) Certificate by Extended DISC India

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