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Why Outsource HR and Payroll?

People are the most important assets of a company. If your people are not engaged and working together cohesively, then the organisation is going to face multiple challenges. 

Most managers or business owners spend more than 52% of their time managing their people. Then where is the time to manage the core processes that the organisation stands for? Hiring, Inducting, Training, Managing their performance, listening to their small and big grievances, making sure that their pay is calculated correctly, managing their exits, all of this takes up a lot of time.

Outsourcing HR & Payroll has the following benefits:

1) Saves Time

2) Saves Money

3) Gives you access to professionals with rich experience

4) Helps you scale

5) Helps you focus on your core activity

6) Gives you access to a trusted advisor to ask questions

7) Keeps you up to date with Compliance

8) Builds happy employees by making sure day to day transactional activities are taken care of

9) Introduces you to the latest technologies in HR & Payroll

10) Keeps you up to date with the latest trends in HR & Payroll, thus helping you think global but act local

11) And last but not the last, helps you build the culture of the workplace

Rightwaay Talent Consulting was founded in 2012 and has been helping small and big businesses design, implement and manage their HR and Payroll processes. 

While you may say that you can manage things on a spreadsheet or with the help of your local accountant, will you be able to provide a professional mid layer between management and employees? A team which knows how to talk to your employees, which will respond promptly on queries, which will become the 'Go To' people for all concerns relating to the growth and development of your employees? 

What about managing their motivation and helping them see the big picture of the organisation?

People need to be handled with care and a timely, prompt and friendly response is very important. However, your manager or your accountant may be busy with other work and not really focused on keeping your employees engaged. 

Hence, the need for a team that holds your organisation values together, holds your team together and builds an atmosphere where your employees can not just grow but thrive and rejoice! 

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