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·       Varun Girilal

Varun Girilal

Financial Planning and Investment advisory specialist

We had hired Rightwaay consulting for creating an HR Policy system. Rinnku did a great job for us combining her many years of practical HR experience and Domain expertise and came up with many practical and customised solutions during the project. I would recommend Rinnku and Rightwaay consulting to any organization looking for important Strategic HR solutions.  

·       Sudhanva R Atri

Sudhanva R Atri

Manager - Visual Communication at Ather Energy

"People are not right or wrong. They are just different." This was the context established at the start of our interaction with Rinnku, from Rightwaay Talent Consulting. Through our discussion with her, we gained several elementary but crucial learnings, not just about each other, but also about people in general. Rinnku conducted the Extended Disc Personal Analysis self-assessment test on us and she guided us through the whole process with immense clarity. While going through the self-assessment process with us, Rinnku broke down aspects of our personalities and illustrated them with insightful examples that we could easily relate to. The entire exercise was an interactive one and we found ourselves opening up about the findings, making the learnings much more fruitful. We at Yogensha Productions have now understood ourselves better as individuals and as a collective. The learnings from this exercise have helped us work with each other better. We also learnt that Rinnku is an extremely easy person to work with. She is gifted and has a charming personality. To add to that, she is a thorough professional and went that extra step with her services, which left us highly impressed. People might not be right or wrong, but we can safely say that we did the right thing in choosing Rightwaay Talent Consulting. They’ve made a positive difference to our company by being positively different. We at Yogensha Productions highly recommend Rinnku and her company Rightwaay Talent Consulting. 


Rakesh Rayiramkandath

Rakesh Rayiramkandath

Talent Management & OD Professional I HR Practitioner I HR Faculty I

I have known Rinnku initially as a facilitator during my E DISC certification. Further, I have used her services multiple times for assessment program at multiple organisations. I believe she has great people skills, combined with good insight into employee personalities and behavior patterns, which makes the communication better and effective. As a service provider, she is supportive and reverts promptly. Wishing you every success. 

Gary Schneider

neoIT Managing Director - India Operations (Outsourcing Consultant) & CEO of Jehle Energy Group, LLC (oil & gas leasing)

Rinnku possesses a remarkable ability to customize HR tools to meet the needs of her current professional work environment . For example, she rebuilt a "personnel satisfaction measurement survey" which effectively identified high performing employees at risk of leaving the firm, and pin-pointed reasons for discontent. Management used this tool to successfully remedy numerous individual retention issues. In addition, Rinnku's input in the development and implementation of the firm's new personnel performance evaluation system was instrumental toward its successful roll-out. Rinnku is a professinal who is always willing to share her knowledge with others, as well as learn from her colleagues experiences. 


Thomas Jacob

Thomas Jacob

Information Technology|Account Management|Cloud Technology|Sales|Business Strategy|Team Management|Entrepreneurship|Digital Marketing|

Let’s bring it straight, precise to the point---- Mrs. Rinku has an eye for detail…. She has shown the professionalism and the exuberance which is required in this 21st century… My personal experience while doing business was indeed fabulous, she has a holistic approach which shines only with hard work, determination and passion… A good LEADER to follow

Working with Rinku over the past year at neoIT has been a delight! She is a talented HR professional with sharp insights & a bias for action. You can count on her to take practical approaches towards improving the work environment. Particularly impressive was the performance evaluation system she designed & implemented. She's innovative, open to all ideas & introspective in receiving feedback. She tells it like it is & always has the best interests of the Company in mind. I highly recommend her! 


Sambit Panda

Sambit Panda

Director at PwC

Extremely capable HR professional who is adored through the ranks in the company. Flexible and agile enough to meet the tough business requirements and diverse employee needs. Seen as a friend to both the management and to the employees. Has amazing adaptability to act per changing requirements. Overall a great person and thoroughbred professional. 



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