Career Guidance Report

This report helps students understand the career based on their aptitudes and strengths. This would enable a child to understand his/her strengths and choose a career which they would naturally fit into and blossom in.

Reasoning Analysis

Reasoning Analysis is a set of psychological tests designed to measure the individual’s reasoning skills.

It is a classical intelligence related skills measurement tool. It includes the following tests:

  • Abstract Logical Reasoning
  • Understanding Logical Processes
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Understanding Social Context
  • Numerical Reasoning

Reasoning Ability and Corresponding Tasks
Abstract Logic Planning, organizing, delegating, policy administration, data analysis, customer analytics
Logical Reasoning Problem solving, negotiation, business judgment, Q&A, handling objections, research
Spatial Reasoning Process management, interior design, visual design, research, organizational restructuring
Social Context People relations, public speaking, counselling, negotiation, team management, presentation
Numerical Reasoning Performance tracking, data analysis, stock take, tabulation, number crunching

Open 360

360 Reviews is a holistic appraisal process which gives you valuable inputs and insights for coaching and development, performance reviews and ensures a scientific, accurate and easier method of appraisals.

This full circle appraisal helps in the following ways:
  • Develop comprehensive feedback : Incorporate self-ratings, peer review and ratings of client, customer etc for feedback at all levels.
  • Gain a holistic performance perspective : Get feedback from outside employees’ hierarchies or departments and gain a broader view.
  • Automate workflows : Stay ahead of deadlines with integrated email reminders and requests, plus automatic routing of forms among managers, employees, and peers.
  • Identify hidden strengths and weaknesses : Pinpoint skills, competency gaps, reward drivers, and other performance trends.
  • Use limited compensation budgets effectively : Make pay decisions with valid, objective, and anonymous feedback to gain a candid perspective.

Surveys platform

Surveys platform- can be used to create surveys within your organization for your own needs like client surveys/employee satisfaction surveys/product surveys etc.