The Extended DISC System can be used to support and add significant value to the coaching process as a tool for both the coaches and clients to better understand their own patterns of behavior. In addition, it is important that the coach have an awareness and understanding of their own behavioral style in order to maximize their ability to build rapport with their client. This understanding also ensures that the coach is not leading the client and enhances their communication style when working together.

Benefits for the Coach

Benefits for the Client

Powerful insight into how the coach’s behaviour impacts a range of coaching situations. Enhance the client’s awareness of their own behavioral style.
Enhanced communication that is likely to lead to enhanced performance in the role of coach. Explore what changes the client can most easily make and project the outcomes of those changes.
Build rapid and reliable rapport with the client. Understand the natural behavioral style for use as a foundation stone for future objectives and strategies to achieve them.
Quickly establish trust and confidence with the client Explore how well aligned the client’s natural behavior is to the expectations of his/her role, team, peers or the organization.
Thorough understanding of the areas of match and mismatch between coach and client.This enables the coach to plan the approach before meeting the client. Clearly discuss the client’s behavior in the work environment and establish how the behaviour fits with the team, colleague, manager, and job position.
Gain clarity in developing "the right approach" for "this" client. Clearly view the client and organization “fit” and reveal how the client may change behavioural traits in order to achieve their objectives.
Plan the appropriate language to use to motivate the client and to reflect on the language and styles not to use with the client The client gains an understanding of how their behavior impacts those around him/her to begin to consider areas that may be appropriate for them to develop.
Understand how to work with different client styles to help direct their behavior into productive areas for development. Gain a better position to understand how the client’s behavior impacts on his/her environment, colleagues and their own performance.
Enhanced dynamics management during coaching intervention enabling a focus on achieving required client outcomes. The client can reflect on progress from time to time by returning to the Extended DISC reports.


Understand yours and others behavioral style. Know why they behave the way they do. Understand the differences in communication styles, decison making styles. Know what inspires different people. Know why some people are so good at tasks and why some people are the life of the party!

Discover why children belonging to the same family are still not the same. Why your husband has changed after marriage? Why one child learns differently from another? Why one person talks a lot and the other texts a lot?

  • Understand the Extended DISC Model
  • Identify your own styles
  • Identify the style of others
  • Modify your own behavior
  • Influence the behavior of others

The Result:

From preferred behavior to situational behavior
From natural behavior to learned behavior
From spontaneous behavior to considered behavior


From CEOs to front line employees, Extended DISC® Team Analysis is everyone’s favorite. It is a powerful tool that has many applications and yet is so easy to use and understand.

Team Analysis provides a clear, easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, to solve problems and to improve performance. It also presents a safe environment to discuss challenging topics productively. Team Analysis provides the big picture that enables decisions to be made with confidence.

What is Extended DISC Team Analysis?

Extended DISC® Team Analysis is a tool that can combine all of the individual assessment results into one report. It shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and illustrates how the team members are adjusting their behaviors in the existing work environment. While team applications are the most popular uses of the tool, Team Analysis is capable of assessing an unlimited number of individuals. As a result, it enables our clients to perform various, more complicated analyses very cost effectively. Some of these applications include identification of the effective behaviors (leadership, management, sales and customer service), succession planning and strategic decision making.

From CEOs to front line employees, Extended DISC® Team Analysis is everyone’s favorite. It is a powerful tool that has many applications and yet is so easy to use and understand.

How does the process work?

Extended DISC® Team Analysis is extremely easy to use. Once the participating individuals have completed the 10 minute Extended DISC® Personal Analysis questionnaire, you simply select the members from the database. That’s it! No additional questionnaires to complete. The process takes just seconds.

The reports are customizable – just click and choose the information that you need. If you want additional information later, you can access the information anytime. Options include:

  • Maps to identify team makeup
  • Maps to identify style adjustments
  • Team Scorecard
  • Team Roles

One System – Multiple Solutions

Team Analysis integrates with other Extended DISC® tools. As a result, the users can also create:

  • Individual Analyses
  • Work Pair Analysis
  • 360˚ Feedback
  • Job Analysis